We launched new website of GLORY Inc.


We created a website of Glory Co., Ltd., a construction company in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
Co-produced with Shigatsu tsuitachi Co., Ltd.,(Tokyo) and we created web design and coding.

The design is stylish and simple. Some parts are created with JavaScript to show moderate and impressive motion that is carefully placed to not disturb the user’s activities.

Thank you very much to Glory Co., Ltd. and Shigatsu tsuitachi Co., Ltd. for your offer and worked with us.

This time, we used WordPress to build the website. Recently there are many clients who want to create websites using no code web development tools such WIX, but there are limitations in design and dynamic parts, although you can make it responsive, it does not look well on smartphones and tablets due to their system.
At this moment, the best solution to make beautiful and detailed websites is still coding from scratch.

Also this time, the website is created as a one-page website (single page).
At our company, single page websites are produced at the same price as Landing pages, so this leads to lower production costs compared to regular websites (Multi-page websites).

If you don’t need a large-scale corporate website and want to lower the cost, why not consider creating a single-page corporate website? Please feel free to contact us!