Remarkable Japanese Website Designs You Should Check


Japan is known as the one of unique countries in the world. Probably some of you might have seen funny posts of Japan on social media. Tourists always find some crazy things in their Japanese trips such as unique food products, wierdest themed cafes, shops with viral catchy songs.
(Like Big camera song .. Since my husband went to big camera first time, he was addicted to the song and was singing every day for a month)

People in Japan like to create detailed and high quality (Also sometimes crazy) things. Why does that happen? Because if your rival company made better products, to survive in the field you have to make something even better, something more memorable with premium quality.

As a web developer, I often check various websites and sometimes find super cool and amazing websites. This time I would like to introsuce you Beautiful Japanese Website Designs You Should Check ☺️

1. Pola – Mother’s Day Advertising Campaign

Pola is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells cosmetics and skincare products.
This is definitely the one of coolest websites I’ve ever seen. Moderate and simple but also dynamic. When you scroll the page, vibrant flowers appear with beautiful messages for every mothers in the world.



BOTANIST is a famous shampoo brand in Japan manufactured and sold by I-ne CO., LTD. Their shampoos are mainly made with natural plant ingredients and they engage in various philanthropic activities to improve the global environment. The website introduces these activities.
The website design clearly reflects the concept. The soft and natural style gives you chill and relaxing vibe.


3. SANYO – KODAWARI (Japanese cotton buds)

This web design is so Japanese, WEIRD and CUTE. The cotton buds/swabs made with attention to detail for consumers. I actually have used these products before and absolutely good quality. They use beautiful Japanese pattern for thier package and really cool as well. If you go to Japan, I recommend you to get these product as souvenirs!



There are so many hair care products in Japan. Bunch of companies launch brand new products every year and most of brands disappear without anyone noticing. Since Japanese people basically take shower every day, Hair and skin care products are quite important for them.
This DEMI DO is not well known yet, but the website is surely amazing. positive and energetic design with a sense of dynamism.



A clothing brand ANATOMICA, According to their website, it’s a French-Japanese fashion brand with American-style. (Tbh bit confusing 😂) Anyway the website is epic. The design is like a vintage news paper with user-friendly layouts. You can say this is an art.


Thank you for reading. If you are interested in making Japanese websites or design, Please feel free to contact us 😊 See you next time!